Newport Diversified Income Fund

Investment Objective

Income Capital Growth the fund aims to deliver, over rolling 5 year periods, a net total return (capital growth income) which exceeds the RBA CPI 5 index with low volatility, low equity market beta and low correlation to traditional asset classes The fund will aim to make quarterly income distributions.

Investment Strategy

The fund aims to achieve its objective by investing in a diversified portfolio of underlying fund managers and listed securities that provide exposure to income yielding assets such as property/infrastructure, MBS, trade finance, private debt, diversified credit, traditional bonds as well as some alternative asset classes and hedge funds A multi strategy, multi manager approach allows for the diversification of risk away from any single income yielding asset class and any single manager or strategy Each underlying fund offers the potential for attractive long term returns with low correlation to traditional asset classes and each underlying fund has an investment strategy that we believe is complementary to the other underlying funds

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